Zafira – Voyage into her love!

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DDF Network – Zafira

Zafira is about to give you the foot fetish fever! I’m afraid there could be only one cure for that. You have to see if you can go this whole video without messin with your pecker. Ahaha, just kidding, IMPOSSIBLE! One look at this goddess from legdom and you’ll be stroking your salami like a mad hatter! Dressed in white pumps, ankle socks, white panties and top, this girls full mission is to make you pop! She’s gonna tease you with those footsies of hers and when she unleashes her clam, pheeeeeew, its unreal! Just a gourmet ham sandwich ripe for the pickin! My favorite is when she folds herself up like a lawn chair and I could imagine gettin so far in there with my cock, that Christopher Columbus couldn’t find it!

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