Valentina Fiore – Off Day Adventure

Girls Rimming – Valentina Fiore

Alentina Fiore is the only child of a rich family who spends most of her time in the classrooms of the university or home, learning for her exams. It is stressful and tiresome, so she decides to take out at least a single day to do nothing else but to relax on the poolside. Of course, her mind to start to wander to all those naughty topics they shared with her friends in the classroom, namely giving a rimjob, and the very thoughts makes her horny. Luckily there is one guy, Sam, who lives next door and has a major crush on her. On this day he takes over Alentina’s choirs to clear the pool… not knowing that this will be his lucky day. The girl gives her an amazing rimjob and a hot, wet pussy… an adventure to talk about tomorrow in the classroom.

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