Valentina Bianco – If Only I Knew 2

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Valentina Bianco – If Only I Knew 2

Sultry Valentina Bianco stars in this erotic fantasy by director Xanthus. She plays Viola, 26, a dark-eyed brunette nurse from Barcelona who we first encounter as she masturbates in a shadowy bedroom. As she rests on her bed, face down and butt in the air, she reaches back to pound her pussy with a hot-pink dildo. However, she confesses that she has never experienced an orgasm. As we watch her probe her asshole with a glass chili pepper, then ride a black latex mock-cock in the shower, she explains that she has tried all kinds of vibrators in different sizes and colors, dildos in her ass, positions and locations, men and women – but nothing works for her. With a sad expression on her pretty face, she admits she feels desperate. One day, a patient at her hospital suggests she should try an ice dildo, and she decides to experiment, figuring she has nothing to lose. We watch her caress then lick a huge frozen shaft, smooth and melting, with a bulbous head. She places it, rigid and upright, on the floor in a puddle of water and squats down over it, legs splayed as it penetrates her shaved pussy. She rides it, steadying it inside of her with one hand, moaning out loud as her pleasure builds. Lying back, she sucks it once again, tasting her juices off of it, before playing the tip over her beautiful breasts and stiff nipples. She teases her snatch and butt with the dripping length, then grinds the tip into her asshole. It’s a very tight fit but she perseveres, and soon she’s plowing the ice pole in and out. Again she sucks it, before resuming her anal and pussy play, her body heat rapidly honing the head of the dildo to a rounded point. Her breasts quiver and her moans suggest that her elusive orgasm is finally within reach. Lit in red and blue we see her ride an ice dildo again, this time with it deep inside of her asshole – and, finally, she cums. Her climax is intense and, as she rubs her clit to prolong the pleasure, her face is a picture of satisfaction. She relaxes, tenderly kissing and nuzzling the ice dildo and gazes soulfully into the camera before working it against her clit once more as the picture fades.



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Valentina Bianco



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