Tracy A – Fado 2

In this moody, sexually charged movie, sweet blonde Tracy walks through a room in a pale-pink lace tank, print miniskirt, high, black suede shoes and a black velvet hair-ribbon. On the wooden floor, we see a red lipstick kiss print – and Tracy’s tears falling upon it. As she sits on a couch in a dark room, sad but erotic memories come flooding back and she begins to caress her own body, hiking up her skirt to reveal a white lace thong. She pictures herself masturbating and, back in real time, she plays with her own tits and then her pussy, stroking it through her panty-crotch which she then pulls aside so she can plunge her fingers in. As her self-pleasure gets more intense, she kneels up on the couch and humps against her hand. Then she lies back, writhing and grinding as two fingers work in deep, bringing herself to an intense orgasm. As she recovers, she strokes her body, more tenderly now, and reflects on the brutality of “Fado”. The word means Fate or Destiny and also lends itself to the melancholy, wistful genre of music heard in the soundtrack. “Fado” resonates with Tracy on a more personal level too, but as she acknowledges her heartache, she muses on how surrendering to climax helps her to smile through her sorrow.




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Tracy A



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