Tracy A – Addict 2

Synopsis: In Addict (The Prequel), Tracy A walks through an elegant home, to the sound of a clock ticking. She’s slender with long, blonde-streaked hair worn in a braid, and dressed in a white crop-top, jacket, and a tan thong trimmed with pink lace. The first few minutes cut between her sitting at the kitchen table, listing goals for a relationship with a female partner (and wondering if they’re too much to ask for) and pleasuring herself. We see her play with her bare ass cheeks, stroking, massaging and laying on light spanks, sucking on a finger, then sitting on the floor with her hand in her panties. Following a close-up of her jacket draped over her chair, we find her on a large bed in just her panties and a pair of high, nude-colored platform stilettos. She strokes her body all over then homes in on her pussy, pulling the panties tight into her slit then using her fingers. Legs splayed, she grinds against her hand, then finally peels off the panties, tugging and pinching her nipples and moaning as she masturbates, eventually bringing herself to a powerful orgasm. We linger briefly on her enjoying the afterglow, then, as we hear the clock tick again, cut back to the kitchen and her resting her head on the table. The film takes on an unreal quality, as she watches a glass slide away from her, apparently under its own power, then dissolves to a scene of clouds in the sky as Tracy asks, “Who needs love when you love yourself?”




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Tracy A



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