The Life Erotic – Sofia Z

Sofia Z – Scheduled Time 2

Gorgeous Sofia Z, a cute black-haired babe with red glasses, is strolling through a park. She’s dressed in a jean jacket, T-shirt and baseball cap, teamed with a sexy leather skirt and thigh-high boots. In no hurry, she pauses to enjoy the sights on her way, then sits down to drink a coffee and read a newspaper. However, she soon becomes restless, drumming her manicured fingers. She checks the time on her phone and heads home to carry out a more intimate ritual. In her apartment, she lights four tall red candles set in two ornate candlesticks on a table near a gilt-framed mirror. She removes her cap, tosses her hair and begins to caress herself through her T-shirt. She hikes it up to bare firm, natural breasts, then she teases them, tweaking and rolling her nipples between her fingertips. She holds one of the candlesticks and gazes into the twin flames, running her fingers through them and causing them to flicker. Then she takes a candle and drips hot wax over her thigh, using her free hand to rub her pussy through her white lace panties. She unzips her skirt then eases the underwear down and off to reveal her pouting shaved pussy. Naked in her long boots, she sits on a chair, spreads her legs and strokes her snatch as she drips more wax on her belly and tits. With one foot resting on the table and a knee bent to open her up even wider, she brings the candle down towards her slit and traces circles with the unlit end. As she drips wax on her mound, she manipulates her clit and pussy. Then she blows out the flame, and uses the red wax shaft inside of her, like a dildo. Breathing heavily and moaning rhythmically, she pumps it in and out until she cums, then withdraws it, still in the throes of orgasm. Applying just enough pressure to splay her fleshy pussy lips, she begins to pee, squirting over the mirror. Just when it looks like she’s done, she lets loose another golden jet. Gently, she caresses her sensitized pussy then sucks on the juice-smeared candle, savoring her own cream as the picture fades…


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