The Life Erotic – Natasha M

Natasha M – My Fetish Game 2

Kinky-cute with long, cotton candy-pink hair, Natasha M stands in front of a mirror, dressed in a black lace and fishnet bodystocking. Her wrists and ankles are bound with black leather cuffs and she is wearing a collar and a ball-gag. As the camera moves slowly up and down her beautiful, curvy body, she strokes her reflection with red-manicured fingertips – then we see her ungagged and holding a hot-pink, hi-tech vibrator. She takes one end in her mouth, sucking on it sensually, then plays the tip over her body, teasing her breasts and crotch. As she switches on the power, a red light glows and soon a hole is pierced in the mesh between her thighs, large enough that she can slip the end of the toy inside of it to buzz her shaved pussy. Cut to her lying on her bed, gagged once more, with the entire crotch ripped out of her bodystocking. Legs splayed, she works the gently pointed tip of the vibe against her slit, body writhing as she dips it inside. Her smoky eyes are closed and her moans are muffled by the ball strapped in her mouth. She switches position, lying half on one side, with one hand splaying her cheeks to flaunt her shaved pussy and tight asshole as the other pumps the vibe in and out of her creaming-wet snatch. Next, she reams her slit doggy style, rocking her ass back to meet each thrust, her rhythmic moans and sighs becoming whimpers as she gets closer to orgasm. The camera moves in for a stunning close-up of her pussy – slick, shiny and swollen as the toy probes and plows her folds. She lies back again, legs raised to take it piledriver, before she switches back to missionary, thighs parted wide. As she cums in a squirming frenzy, her free hand claws at her pert breasts through the mesh and she moans out loud. Then, finally satisfied, she slowly withdraws the vibe, switches it off and lets it drop onto the bed, freeing both hands to caress and soothe her curves…


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