The Life Erotic – Lara A

Lara A – Public Thrills 2

Sexy Lara A, a tattooed babe with cute braces and light brown hair, is sitting alone at a window table in a small, quirky cafe – the chairs are made from shopping carts. In a naughty mood, she splays her thighs so her minidress rides up to flash her black and pink thong – yet no one passing by outside seems to notice. Slowly and deliberately, she massages her breasts, popping one out briefly to tease her nipple. Then her hands wander to her crotch. Switching the focus to self-pleasure, she rolls the chair back to a more discreet spot and plays her fingers over her panty crotch, pulling it aside to finger her shaved pussy, stroking and circling her clit, then teasing herself through the fabric once again. She writhes in her seat, moaning loudly, then peels off her dress and stands up to remove her panties, before kneeling on the chair, naked and barefoot, to reach back and plow herself doggy style. The camera zooms in for a close-up of her firm, tight ass as she sinks one finger, then two, inside of her snatch to the knuckle – and all the while, people pass by outside, oblivious to the horny scene playing out just feet away. Next, she perches on the back of the cart, with her pointed toes resting on the arms. Flaunting her taut belly and with her thighs splayed wide, she continues to frig herself. As one hand caresses her perky breasts and caramel-pink nipples, the other delves deep inside of her wet hole. After a while, she switches focus to her clit, scissoring two wet digits on either side of it, building up friction. She gets down off of the chair and twirls, showing off her perfect, slender curves, then bends over, standing doggy-style. Her fingers are drenched as she pounds them in and out, churning up her juices. Finally, she sits on the floor, not knowing or caring whether she can be seen as she fingerbangs herself into a frenzy, cute braces on display as she bites her lip in ecstasy. Her moans of pleasure turn to yelps and cries as she cums, then she writhes on the floor, playing with her tits as she enjoys the afterglow…


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