The Life Erotic – Elina De Lion

Elina De Lion – Playing With Myself

Kinky Ukrainian babe Elina de Lion is alone in a minimally decorated bedroom – a bare brick wall gives it a dungeonlike feel. Tall and slender with sun-kissed light brown hair, she is sitting cross-legged on a large bed, dressed in black lace lingerie. Jeweled surface piercings glitter at her throat and cleavage and her navel is pierced, too. A rope hangs down from the ceiling, a flogger lies on the white sheets and Elina is wearing an open-mouth O-ring gag. Her tongue pokes out the opening and she licks her fingertips then takes the flogger and caresses its black leather tails. She runs these over her beautiful body and frees each pert, perfect breast from her bra in turn to reveal pierced nipples, then spanks them gently. She spits her gag and removes the bra, then lies back, teasing herself with the flogger again, before peeling off her lace panties. Thighs splayed wide, she gives her shaved pussy a brief and gentle whipping, sucks on the handle of the flogger and caresses her body with it. Next, she begins to masturbate, writhing sensually on the bed as her fingers get to work. Parting her swollen, juice-wet lips, she rubs her clit and dips her fingers inside, gyrating her hips and humping against her hand. She lies on her side, flaunting a glorious toned ass, and reaches behind to plow herself. As her pleasure becomes even more intense, she rolls on her front, head down and ass up, then reaches between her legs, fingers a blur as she frigs herself doggy style. The camera treats us to a stunning close-up of her oozing, swollen snatch. On the brink of orgasm, she pauses briefly to taste her juices, then, moaning and gasping, she cries out as she cums, her entire body trembling. As she relishes the afterglow, she unstraps the gag and lays it over her crotch, the camera lingering on her beautiful body before the picture fades…


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