Talia Mint – Balloons 2

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Talia Mint – Balloons 2

Model and actress-turned-director Sandra Shine brings us a fun, sexy movie involving a latex fetish with a difference. Talia Mint – a petite and sexy brunette from Ukraine with a natural, girl-next-door look – is shopping in a large store that sells a huge selection of balloons. As soon as she is home in her apartment, she takes her selection from the bag and sniffs them, inhaling their distinctive latex scent. She also caresses them, relishing the smooth, slightly sticky feel and the sound they make as she rubs, rolls and stretches them in her hands. She turns her attention to one large, red balloon, tugging on it and stroking it against her pretty face, visibly aroused as she licks it. She inflates it, then tongues it some more and rubs it against her small, pert breasts through her white top – then she peels the top down and plays the balloon over each of her naked globes and large, stiff nipples in turn. She blows it up even bigger, grinding it against her tits all the while, then allows it to deflate, aiming the stream of air at her face. Again, she works the latex against her breasts, stretching and rolling it so it catches her nipples with each move. She pauses only to lick it, lubing it with her saliva. Next, she takes her bag of balloons into the living room and strips off her top, cropped jeans and sheer, powder-blue panties – flaunting her ass and large lower-back tattoo in stunning close-up. She sits on her couch and makes her next selection – a large, long orange balloon. This is caressed and blown up, with the end knotted to keep it inflated. She strokes it, enjoying the sound this creates, then grips it between her thighs, grinding her shaved pussy against it like an enormous dildo while licking and sucking on the knot-end. She lies back, humping it, then lays it on the bed and straddles it, cowgirl style, with the camera zooming in on her slit and asshole. She grips it between her pretty bare feet, oblivious or not caring that it might burst at any moment as she rides it hard. Next, she uses her short, manicured fingers to tease her clit as she continues to work her slit against the latex. Then she laps her cream off of the long balloon before playfully throwing it aside. Now, she selects a large, round, pink balloon and slips it, uninflated, between her legs, rubbing it against her juiced-up crotch and frigging herself through the latex. As two fingers sink inside of her snatch she moans. She inflates the balloon, then aims a jet of air at her pussy, body twitching as she orgasms. Still unsatisfied, however, she spanks and strafes her sensitized slit with the deflated latex, sighing and smiling to herself as she cums to an even more intense climax. As she tastes her juices from the latex once again, then lays the balloon on her flat torso, we leave her to her bliss…



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Talia Mint



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