Sima B – Body Art

Synopsis: Sima is sitting at a small table, drawing on paper with thick marker pens. She’s a slim, cute-faced brunette in glasses, her hair in bunches, and a loose-fitting, casual dress that exposes a lot of side-boob. She then begins to draw, tattoo-style, on her body, starting with her hand and then her arm. Her dress is slipped off her shoulders, exposing her breasts, and she adds orange flowerheads around her nipples. Her torso gets the same treatment – a green stalk connecting the flowers – then she takes the black marker to her trimmed mound and shaved labia, drawing on a flowerpot (that also resembles pubes!) and getting increasingly excited with each moist dab of the pen. After fingering her juicing slit, and licking her fingers, she sucks on the pen, then slips it inside her pussy, like a dildo. We watch her masturbate, rubbing her clit and probing her creamy pussy. Mostly, she frigs off while sitting, legs splayed wide, but she shifts position a few times, at one point getting up on her knees and reaching back to pump the pen hard in and out of herself. She finally cums with it jammed deep inside, one end jutting out as she rubs and spanks her clit. As she comes down from her climax, she pulls the pen out to suck on, pushes it back in as she gazes out of the window, then leaves the room naked, casually sucking on it once again.




[MetArt] TheLifeErotic – Sima B



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