Sarika A – Sweet Feet 2

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Sarika A – Sweet Feet 2

Gorgeous Latvian babe Sarika A enjoys some food fetish fun in this playful erotic movie. She is at her dining table, treating herself to fresh strawberries with a can of whipped cream. Blue-eyed with long blonde hair, she’s casually dressed in a strappy, pale-pink camisole and cute blue shorts. As she squirts the airy cream on the juicy red fruit and savors its sweet flavor in small, sensual bites, the camera gives us lingering looks at her bare feet, her toes pedicured with pretty, candy-pink nail polish. Her indulgent snack seems to have aphrodisiac qualities, as she begins to trail her hands over her breasts through her camisole and eats cream from her fingertips. Next, she squirts out a glob and smears it on the smooth, tan skin of her lower leg, then applies a line directly to both shins, before massaging it over her feet. As it melts away she repeats this, enjoying the mess she’s making and the taboo of playing with her food. She lowers her cami to reveal perfect, medium-size breasts, then unfastens and removes her shorts. Her pink lace panties are pulled aside to expose her shaved pussy, fingers working in her slit, then she peels them and the cami off, leaving herself naked. Even more cream is slathered on and she dips a strawberry in it to eat. However, the next ripe fruit is stroked up her leg then squashed, with bright red juice trickling down her skin to drip on the chair and floor. Very horny now she masturbates, fingers circling her clit and pussy opening. Knees drawn up she moans, especially when her free hand caresses her sticky feet. Next, she kneels on the floor and reaches back between her thighs, juice-stained toes pointing and flexing as she pleasures her snatch. Then she sits on the chair once again, one leg up on the table this time as she squirts on more cream. She works it into her skin as the other hand strums her clit, gradually taking herself closer to orgasm – then, at last, she cums, her body trembling and twitching. As she enjoys the afterglow, she runs her hands over her body, stroking herself down to her feet, still covered in strawberries and cream. Then she exits the scene, grabbing one last plump, juicy strawberry to go…



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Sarika A



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