Sade Mare & Susie – Indifference 2

Sade Mare – dark-eyed, with an elegant long black bob – is sitting drinking red wine by candlelight. She’s joined by Susie – petite and cute, with long, golden-brown hair – who touches her affectionately in passing. Both are wearing elegant little black dresses. Susie curls up on the couch, giving us a glimpse of her lace-topped stockings, and tries to get her friend’s attention. She smiles, raises her glass and makes flirty gestures, but Sade seems distant and unimpressed, refusing to respond. Susie ups the ante, running her hands over her own body, hitching up her dress to reveal lacy black panties, then peeling the top of it down to bare her medium-sized breasts. Slowly and seductively she removes it – and Sade can’t help but look. However, when Susie makes a move, kneeling before Sade and trying to stroke her thighs, Sade pushes her hands away. Susie returns to the couch and begins to masturbate, first sitting back, then kneeling to present a view of her rounded butt and juicing slit to Sade. Sprawling back once again, Susie now seems to be the indifferent one, oblivious to Sade as she strums her clit, lost in self-pleasure, although Sade plays it cool, sipping her wine. Susie cums, moaning loudly and at last Sade shows a flicker of arousal, swirling her wine in the glass before draining it – but ultimately, she gets up and leaves the room. Susie, in a post-orgasmic reverie, doesn’t seem to notice – or to care…




[ MetArt] The Life Erotic – Sade Mare & Susie



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