Sade Mare – Dark Arousal 2

Brunette Sade Mare sleeps fitfully, kinky visions of herself gagged and tied to a chair with shiny black bondage tape flashing through her brain. In black and white, she sees drool dripping down her chin to splash on her tits, and her pussy moistening in excitement. Seemingly disturbed, she awakens, her slender body dressed in a simple white tank and panties. Only her black-glossed nails hint at a darker reality. Even when she is fully awake, the pictures keep coming – now she’s rocking on the chair, naked, her tits and trimmed bush on display, and struggling against her bonds. Her hands begin to wander, caressing her body through her clothes, then exposing small breasts with prominent, stiff nipples. She strokes her pussy through the crotch of her panties, then slips them off, already juicing as her fingers find her slit. Thighs splayed, she lies back on the bed, probing deep inside of her snatch. As her excitement builds, she rolls over, ass in the air as she reaches down and back to finger herself, moaning out loud. At last, she sits up straight, frigging herself to a powerful climax, breath coming in gasps as she cums. Finally, calm again and allowing herself a smile, she pulls the covers back over her naked body and drifts off to sleep, her dark lusts satisfied… at least for now.




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Sade Mare



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