Rebel Lynn – Coco 2

In this playfully arty offering from director Charles Lakante, slender brunette Rebel Lynn is posing for pictures on white steps decorated with fresh coconuts, in front of a brick wall. She’s naked and playing with herself, running elaborately manicured hands over her breasts and pussy. Next, she trickles a bowl of clear liquid coconut oil down the front of her body, then massages it over her skin. Her self-pleasure becomes even more urgent, as she reaches a hand back and under to work her pussy and clit from different angles simultaneously. Occasionally, she pauses to lick her juice-soaked fingers. Cut to a new pose, with a close-up of her asshole and pussy as she smears on even more oil, from a coconut half – it’s creamy in color, but melts and turns clear from the heat of her body. She continues to fingerbang herself, letting out moans of pleasure, then kneels up, her swollen, shaved labia dripping with oil. Finally, sitting side-on with her slit and crack angled towards the camera, she uses both hands to bring herself to a joyful orgasm.




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Rebel Lynn



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