Petra – Blind Pleasure 2

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Petra – Blind Pleasure 2

Gorgeous Petra is lying on a wooden table, dressed in heavy, spike-heeled black boots, a black-lace bustier and gray-silk blindfold. She has no panties on and her naked pussy is unshaved and covered in thick, dark hair. Her wrists are bound together over her full, medium-sized breasts, which she massages, slipping her fingers inside of her top. Next, she trails her hands down over the bustier and begins to stroke her crotch, splaying her hairy pussy lips to reveal her wet pink slit and sliding a finger inside. She licks her fingers with a pierced tongue, tasting her juices, then works them in and out her snatch, raising her ass off of the table as she humps her hand. After slipping the blindfold from her eyes and using her teeth to stretch her bonds and free her wrists, she continues to masturbate. She takes off her bustier, leaving herself naked in her boots – also revealing tattoos on her torso – then retrieves a large, pink, double-ended dildo. Kneeling on all fours she cups and kneads her tits, teasing her nipples, before reaching back to finger her clit and slit once more. She sucks on one end of the toy, wetting it with drool, then pushes it inside – she’s slick enough to take it in just one thrust. She pumps it in deep, then sprawls back on the table, legs splayed wide, to engulf even more of its length. Moaning, she stirs and churns it around, fingering her clit. Then, lost in pleasure, she takes the dildo in her ass for a minute or two, its thick girth stretching her wide open, before spinning it around and screwing her pussy once more. This time, she’s playing for keeps – with the dildo sunk deep in her snatch she strums her clit, then she withdraws it as she finally takes herself over the brink, her hand a blur and her moans loud and satisfied as she orgasms. As she comes back down, she caresses her breasts and licks her fingers, then rolls over and strokes the dildo tenderly…



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Petra



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