Pearl – Father and Daughter

For weeks, President Oaks’s beautiful daughter Pearl has been taught how a woman can use her body as a vessel for pleasure. Though Pearl remains a virgin, her pussy and mouth have been stretched wide in preparation for the day when she will give herself to a man. Pearl secretly hopes that man will be her father, but she is beginning to doubt that day will ever come. The young blonde spends a sleepless night fighting the temptation to rub her swollen clit to climax. Her hands claw at her sheets as she squeezes her thighs together. It is so hard to know that her dad is sleeping in his own bedroom, only a few feet away. Does he want her as much as she wants him? She listens for his breathing, and she isn’t sure but she thinks she can hear it through the wall. The thought of him lying there in his bed, wearing nothing but his garments, makes her whole body shudders with desire. She looks down at the crotch of her sacred underwear and sees that her wetness is dripping onto the thin material. She can’t resist any longer. She has to do something about her desire. Pearl slides out of bed and pads towards her father’s room. Her heart is racing. She lingers outside his door. President Oaks is sleeping soundly. Pearl feels weird looking at him like this, but she can’t help herself. She longs for his thick hands to grab her, like the stranger behind the veil did. She knows he’s probably exhausted from work and from his many priesthood responsibilities, but she can’t help herself. She needs to be near him. Pearl squeezes her father’s knee and watches his eyes slowly open. “What’s wrong?” he whispers. Pearl crawls across him and lies next to him on the bed, her heart pounding. “I’m nervous,” she says, tucking her body against his. “I don’t know what’s going to happen to my body when I am finally given to my husband.” A smile spreads across her father’s face. “Do you want me to show you what your husband will do?” Pearl is so shocked and turned on she can only nod as her dad runs his hands up her rib cage. When the powerful man pulls his daughter in for a kiss, a moan escapes her lips. She can’t believe this is finally happening. She hopes she doesn’t disappoint her daddy. President Oaks rubs Pearl’s breasts. He knows just how to get any woman wet, even his own daughter. He breaks their kiss and takes her nipples in his mouth. When they’ve formed stiff, aching peaks, Pearl’s father moves lower, pulling off her sacred underwear. “I can’t believe you’re already wearing garments. You grew up so quickly.” She covers her face, afraid of what he might think, seeing how swollen her cunt is. “Don’t be shy,” he says and buries his face in her pussy lips. He runs his tongue along the sensitive bud of her clit. Each lick sends lightning bolts of pleasure through Pearl’s young body. Soon, Pearl feels his fingers teasing open her hole. “Your husband will be pleased to see how tight you are,” her father coos. “But he will also want you to return this favor.” President Oaks pulls off his own sacred underwear to reveal his already throbbing erection. Pearl has spent years of her childhood observing his cock from the shadows, hiding behind curtains and doors while he committed countless filthy acts with other girls in the temple. But she has never seen his massive member up close. And now she gets to see it, touch it, taste it. He lies on his back and she leans in, remembering everything Jane taught her. She opens her mouth as wide as she can and lets her father’s considerable girth slide all the way to the back of her throat. His head tips back and he lets out a guttural moan. “It feels good to give pleasure, doesn’t it Pearl?” She nods, all the spit running down from her mouth and pooling on her father’s swollen balls. “That’s the cock that made you,” he grunts, thrusting up into the roof of her mouth. “Are you ready to feel that inside you?” That’s the cock that made you. Pearl nearly faints when she hears those words. She needs his cock inside her. She needs her daddy’s cum. Her father pulls his shaft out of her mouth. “Yes daddy,” she gasps. “Do anything you want to me.”




[Mormon Girlz] Mormon Girlz – Pearl



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