Paula T – Afternoon Fantasy 2

The Life Erotic – Paula T

It’s a bright, sunny day and cute brunette Paula T is taking a walk, casually dressed in jeans, a white shirt and sneakers. However, she is about to enter a world of dark desires. As she investigates a derelict building, it fuels fantasies from the twisted depths of her imagination. Intrigued, she frees a kinky alter-ego. The grimy, graffiti-covered interior houses a large, disused swimming pool and Paula – now wearing a black bodystocking and high-heeled platforms, plus red sunglasses and lipstick – is spanking herself with a red flogger. Her large breasts are visible through her sheer outfit, with black-tape crosses covering her nipples. She sits on a diving block and splays her thighs to expose her shaved pussy peeking out from a split crotch. She bares her stunning, tanlined tits and caresses them as she frigs herself harder. Then she bends over and spanks her firm ass before fingering her snatch with even more vigor. Next, she squats, whip smacking against her inner thighs as she gets closer to cumming, her heavy, urgent breaths echoing around the room. She sits on the dive block once more and, with the handle of the flogger clenched between her teeth, frigs herself into an orgasmic frenzy. As she cries out she spits her gag, then sits and caresses her swollen snatch for a moment, before making her exit, strutting in her heels…

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