Noma – The Kings Chair 2

Noma, 22, from Florida is sitting by a sunlit window, barefoot in blue jeans and a white shirt tied at the waist to show off her flat belly. She begins by introducing herself – detailing her likes and dislikes, and her ambitions for the future. Cut to the main action and she’s sitting on a backless, antique-style chair. She’s very tall with a slender, athletic body, green eyes, shoulder-length caramel-brunette hair and perfect, medium-sized breasts. She’s naked apart from a pair of black wool stockings with broad white hoops at the top – these frame her crotch, her pink clit peeking out of a full, dark bush as she splays her long legs wide. She moves and poses gracefully to an upbeat, rhythmic background soundtrack, displaying and clearly reveling in her body’s flexibility. Her hands wander idly as she tosses her hair and crosses her legs, then they stray closer to her hairy pussy. She ruffles her pubes then begins to masturbate, fingers a blur as they circle her slit, then stroke slowly and deliberately up and down it. Moaning and sighing, she spreads her lips and pushes a finger deep inside, humping against her hand as her excitement grows. The erotic tension is increased by artistic flourishes – quick cuts between different angles, color and black and white, plus peeks from behind the camera – but Noma remains front and center as she nears orgasm. As her fingers plow her wet pussy, she clamps her thighs tight, her breath coming in short gasps punctuated by anticipatory moans and whimpers. Finally, she cums and her orgasm ripples through her entire body. As she relishes the afterglow, she stretches and arches her body, sitting on her haunches then displaying her gorgeous ass as she gets up and struts out of the picture.



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Noma



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