Natasha Starr – Pin Up Tease 2

Through a slightly open doorway, we get our first, tantalizing glimpse of Natasha Starr – blonde, tattooed and dressed in a white-lace crop-top over a black bra, sheer black panties, a garter belt and large-mesh black fishnet stockings. She touches herself up then turns around and walks into the room. Punctuated by static and other effects, the camera switches between various shots of Natasha – close-ups of her pulling her panties aside to ruffle the trimmed triangle of pubes on her mound; a full-length shot; a still life of her high black heels; a point-of-view shot as though she’s going down on the viewer… She pouts her red-painted lips, strikes pinup-style poses and talks seductively to the viewer. After this opening tease, she relaxes on a large bed and begins to masturbate, stroking her shaved labia and spanking her own ass. She pauses only to switch position – from lying on her back with her legs in the air, to peeling down her panties on all fours, then reaching back to probe her pussy deep. One final switch and she’s lounging back, propped up against the headboard, arching her toned body as she removes her bra. As she nears orgasm, her self-pleasure becomes more intense, and she moans loudly as she strums her clit and pussy, humping and grinding against her own hand. As she relishes the afterglow, she continues to caress her crotch and the rest of her body.




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Natasha Starr



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