Nadia Vixen – Bad Girls Get Rewarded

Scoreland – Nadia Vixen

Nadia was the bustiest girl in school. “I was!” says Nadia. “They called me Big Boobs McGee like in the movie Big Daddy.” We’ve heard this before from other chesty girls. Boobage jealousy, a common syndrome among girls with A and B cups. Nadia tells us she likes spanking and is getting into soft bondage. She masturbates regularly and prefers clit stimulation, not insertion. Any special talents? “I am a trained violinist. I’ve been playing since I was nine.” Does she dress to emphasize her chest or does she low-key her boobs? “I don’t purposely try to get attention but since I have a small waist I have to wear stretchy material as to not get lost in my clothes.” Our friend Daphne Rosen calls this the “tent” effect. Nadia buys her bras at Frederick’s of Hollywood. “I gave up on Victoria’s Secret.” We found Nadia on a model search site and invited her over to roll after seeing her 41 inches of glory. She not only was eager to spread her wings, she also opened her legs for a hard SCORE scene with one of the hired cock-slingers. Nadia’s introduction to this gentleman is classic. She bends over him while he’s sitting on a couch. Her big boobs are encased in a tight, low-cut cardigan. He eyes her ample cleavage. “You like these big titties?” Nadia asks. “You gonna look at ’em all day or are you gonna take ’em out and suck on em?” Now that’s someone who’s ready for some action. A girl who wants it and wastes no time on invitations. Nadia reaches down and squeezes his dick through his pants while he’s manhandling her hooters. They remove her cardigan and bra so he can feast on her nipples and savor the rich flavor and taste. Trou is dropped so Nadia can grip his cock and start sucking. She makes wet, slurpy, squishing sounds. It’s a lip-smackin’ good blow job! She holds her tits together so he can fuck them. Back into her mouth the pipe goes for more cock sucking in a different position followed by a titty-cock massage. Nadia stands up and positions herself over him so she can sit on his pole to bump and grind. Her legs help to prop her up higher as she rides his bucking bronco boner while he fingers her clit. Her riding intensifies. Nadia likes it hard and fast! Welcome to the big show, Nadia Vixen. Bad girls get rewarded.

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