Mirabella – Tingle Of Pleasure 2

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Mirabella – Tingle Of Pleasure 2

Gorgeous Mirabella, a pretty, slender girl with long, golden-brown hair, walks into her bedroom. She’s dressed in casual but classy dark-blue pants and a strappy black camisole, with her hair loose and no makeup. After a little hesitation, she walks over to her desk and retrieves a wooden box. Inside of it, wrapped in red silk, is a steel Wartenberg pinwheel. She examines it for a while, wincing as she presses her finger a little too hard against one of the sharp points. Next, she runs it over her hand, then her arm and down her throat to her chest, gently enough that it stimulates without causing pain. Raising her top, she plays the wheel over her flat, toned belly – then she removes the camisole to reveal small, perfect breasts capped with hard pink nipples. She teases these with the wheel, gasping as the pins spark pleasure, then she unfastens and removes her pants. Beneath them, she’s wearing a tiny, sheer black thong edged with white lace. Legs splayed with one foot up on the desk, she glides the pinwheel over her panties, then pulls it aside to expose a shaved pussy and swollen clit. She moves the wheel up and down her outer lips, then, with the gentlest pressure, takes it onto her clit. After losing her panties, she teases her snatch a little more with the wheel, but soon the subtle stimulation it provides is not enough. As she uses it on her outer lips, her fingers get to work on her fleshy inner folds, rubbing her clit and slipping inside of her pussy. Meanwhile, her free hand moves the wheel over her tits. She stands up, one knee bent and resting on the chair, and reaches back between her thighs to caress her pussy, now stroking the pinwheel against her mouth and tongue. Then, sitting on the chair again, she alternates between teasing her pussy with the pins and her fingers. Her intense pleasure shows on her face as she gets closer to cumming. Finally, she sets the wheel down and masturbates with both hands, the fingers of one probing her wet snatch as the others circle her clit. She moans as her orgasm hits, legs drawn up and toes pointed, an expression of pure pleasure and release on her face. Then, as she comes back down to earth, she runs the pinwheel over her super-sensitized skin. Suddenly, she’s snapped out of her reverie by the sound of someone at her door – quickly, she hides the pinwheel in her desk then runs to greet them, still naked…



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Mirabella



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