Mira V – The Call 2

In this typically twisted gem by maverick auteur Paul Black, we meet Mira – who likes her thrills strictly old-school. She’s lying on a couch in a room decorated with vintage-kitsch treasures, dressed in a red blouse and garter belt, black stockings and strappy red-and-black heels. An old black-and-white BDSM porno-movie is playing on her TV, but it seems she has fallen asleep – only to be woken by the loud ringing of her red plastic telephone. Who’s at the other end of the line is a mystery, but erotic breathing and muted moans, along with the ticking of a clock, strange breezes, beeps and static, send Mira’s senses into a state of heightened arousal. Soon she’s sprawled back on the couch, body writhing as she licks the receiver. The curly phone cable slides between her pussy-lips as she tugs on it, and her fingers sink deep inside her. As the TV picture clears, she watches a submissive woman go down on a man, and very soon she’s cumming, her stockings lust-torn and her heels kicking against the phone as she moans in orgasm. Spent, she replaces the receiver in its cradle and switches off the TV. Once again, the strange, seductive world woven by Paul Black takes erotica to another level.




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Mira V



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