Michelle H – One Morning

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Michelle H – One Morning

Kinky Ukranian babe Michelle H is wearing a shiny black fetish dress that clings to her slender curves, with high, spike-heeled pumps that make her tall frame look even more imposing. She is also strapping on a sinister-looking hood, with dog ears and a muzzle. Her fiery red hair is worn in a braid down her back. The action briefly flashes back to her encounter with lover Aislin. Michelle had dominated and spanked the submissive blonde but, when Aislin lost control and tried to lick Michelle’s pussy without permission, the redhead became angry, punished her and stormed out. Back at home, Michelle sits on her bed and removes her shoes. Her hands caress her hood and fitted dress – then, as she lies back on the bed, they stray to her naked ass and shaved pussy. She lowers the zipper at the front of the dress to reveal perfect breasts, then cups and massages them. Legs splayed, she writhes against the crisp white sheets and unclips the muzzle. Mouth and blue eyes exposed, she begins to masturbate, manicured fingers teasing her slit and penetrating her smooth, wet snatch. She moans and sighs, becoming louder as she grinds against both hands then gives her breasts more attention. Toes pointed, she shakes and vibrates her hand against her crotch, then circles her fingertips over her clit – and almost every stroke has her humping her firm ass clear of the bed. Next, she sits up and removes the hood, revealing her pretty, doll-like face. She lays the hood on the bed and seems to gaze at it tenderly, as though it were a lover. She lies down on her belly, legs splayed with one knee bent, reaching back between her thighs as her beautiful butt bucks rhythmically in the air. As she grips the pillow with one white-knuckled hand, the other takes her over the edge and she cums hard, screaming with pleasure. However, she’s not done yet. She sprawls back on the bed and fingerbangs her pussy again, teeth gritted and face twisted in ecstasy as she cums to another, even more intense orgasm. At last, she is satisfied, her frustrations eased, and she gets up from her bed and walks away…



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Michelle H



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