Loula Lou – Virgin Sub Jumps In The Deep End

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Loula Lou – Virgin Sub Jumps In The Deep End

Here at PSS we love all our SubSluts but it’s hard not to have favourites and speaking personally I do like a girl who hasn’t had a lot of experience getting fucked rough and wants to try it out properly. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it takes balls. Yes we use safe words, yes that means the girls really are in charge of everything during their shoots despite what the scenes look like. But to agree to pretty much everything on our list without knowing how any of it’s going to really feel like, physically, mentally, emotionally, and to have it all recorded on video with the whole world to watch – well, that takes a special kind of woman. So step up, Loula Lou, and take a bow, girl. You were amazing. Things kick off with Loula’s solo scene. She was nervous as hell at the start of the day and who can blame her, but when we said we’d be happy to go and have a fag on the green while she got on with business, just her and the camcorder, she got all excited and it worked great. She wanked and came twice, once wasn’t enough. Then onto the scene with Loula playing a friend of Dr P’s who wants to get into modelling and needs some pics taken. She reckons her flexibility might stand her in good stead so we check out her splits and, well, spreadeagled thighs can have a certain effect on a man and we really shouldn’t be blamed for the deviations that took place after that. These included Loula getting her throat incessentantly pounded by Pascal’s penis, her arse thoroughly walloped, her face spat at and her throat chocked, and her dribbling, spluttering pussy pumped and pummelled with a level of ferocity that it had hitherto only dreamt of.



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