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Louisa A – Morning Yoga 2

Gorgeous Russian babe Louisa A is on her bed doing her morning yoga postures – using thick, soft black ropes to help maximise her stretches. She’s dressed in just pantyhose, leaving her small, perfect breasts exposed. As she moves her slender body, the ropes pull teasingly against her nipples and crotch – and soon, it becomes less about yoga and more about self-pleasure. On her back, with her legs raised and ankles bound to the headboard, she strokes herself through her pantyhose, working the thick seam against her slit. Then, kneeling on the bed with her ankles bound together, she reaches back, one hand between her thighs frigging her pussy, while the other arches over her back to play with her asshole. All the while she lets out little moans then, in a frenzy, tears open the crotch of her pantyhose. Now able to slip her fingers inside of her pussy and asshole, she writhes and bucks on the bed, her long, red-brown hair streaming over the pillow. Finally, as her breath comes in gasps, she orgasms, her little tits quivering and jiggling as her body jerks and spasms in ecstasy. Then, spent, she trails her hands gently over her body before rolling over and falling asleep, completely relaxed.



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Louisa A



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