Lotta S – Sun Bath

Lotta, a curvy blonde in a yellow polka-dot bikini, is set for a day of sunbathing on her urban terrace. Sprawled on a beanbag lounger, she relaxes, nibbling suggestively on a large plate of juicy red cherries as she catches some rays. She applies sun oil to her shoulders, then removes her bikini top to slather it all over her big tits. As she rubs more on her belly, her fingers slip inside of her bikini bottoms and she peels them off to reveal her shaved pussy. She oils this too and then, carried away, she begins to frig herself – we see an incredible close-up of her splayed labia and moist, glistening pink slit. As her fingers sink into her pussy, she squirms on the lounger, then rolls on her side so she can tease her asshole with an oiled fingertip. On her back once more, she humps her hand, bucking her ass clear of the lounger until she cums, her intense pleasure written all over her face. She lies back, momentarily sated, her pale skin flushed pink from her orgasm and the sunshine – and, even as she enjoys the afterglow, her hand is gently stroking her pussy again…




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Lotta S



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