Lotta S – Hot Air

Lotta S, a tall, slender blonde, is in the shower. The camera lingers on her full tits and shaved pussy as she soaps and rinses them, then towels her body dry. She turns the hairdryer on her mane of long, wavy hair, then plays the jet over her body, enjoying the warmth but jumping slightly as she brings it a little too close to her nipples and crotch. She continues, seeming to like the sudden bursts of intense heat, taking as much as she can handle before rubbing the sensitive area with her hand. Aroused, she lays her towel on the tile floor and sits upon it, parting her thighs as she keeps on teasing herself with her fingers and the dryer. Soon she’s lying back, hand working her fleshy labia and the deep-pink slit between them. As her pleasure increases further, she moans loudly and bucks her ass up off of the floor, feet braced against the wall as she humps her circling fingers. Then, nearing her climax, she switches off the dryer, lets it cool a little, then rubs the end of it directly on her pussy. As she squirms against the hard, still-warm plastic, her moans become screams, and she cums hard. Once again, the camera lingers on her splayed pussy, then takes in the ecstatic look on her face as she switches on the dryer, playing it over her body to tease out a few final shudders of pleasure. Finally, she gets to her feet, smiling to herself in the mirror.




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Lotta S



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