Lesya & Pauline – The Examination 2

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The Life Erotic – Lesya & Pauline

Stunning blonde Lesya is indulging her medical fetish once again. This time, she’s playing doctor, with her girlfriend Pauline taking the role of patient. We find Lesya in a dungeon-style room with a treatment table as she prepares her instruments – she’s dressed in only a semi-transparent white gown, surgical mask and stethoscope. Enter Pauline, a tall, sexy blonde submissive wearing spike-heeled platforms, a collar, and a green gown that offers tantalizing glimpses of her perfect breasts, dark nipples and shaved pussy. Immediately, she obeys Lesya’s silent order to get up on the table, and her legs are held in place with leather bondage straps, slightly splayed. Next, her upper body is secured, leaving her helpless. Lesya begins her examination, tapping Pauline’s hard body with a reflex hammer. As the rubber head homes in on her mound, Pauline sighs and squirms. Then Lesya strips off her mask and stethoscope, puts on a single latex glove, and opens her gown to reveal a strappy cage bra that leaves her perky tits exposed. She begins to rub Pauline’s glistening-wet pussy, fingers gliding between her lips to massage her clit. Next, she retrieves a large, black, cock-shaped dildo from her medical case. She jacks it, then slides it inside of her lover’s snatch, pumping and stirring it. One of Pauline’s legs is released so she can splay them wider, and Lesya loses her gown and kneels on the table so she can plow the girl harder and deeper. She crawls up to crouch over her, then uses a scalpel to cut away Pauline’s sheer gown. The duo gets in a sixty-nine, Lesya’s ass and pussy in her patient’s face as she resumes screwing her with the toy. At first, the focus is on Pauline’s pleasure, then Lesya sits back on her face for a licking. Soon, however, Lesya resumes pounding her with the mock cock, this time bringing her to a bucking, moaning climax. Back in doctor mode, she hops off of the table, then uses the stethoscope to listen to the pulsing and throbbing in Pauline’s post-orgasmic pussy. The doctor then gives her diagnosis – a definite thumbs-up…





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