Laura A & Ultima A – Domination

Synopsis: Laura, in turquoise lingerie, waits on a couch in a hotel room, toying with a chain. Ultima is in the bathroom, dressed in a white robe, nervously excited as she checks her hair and make-up. Almost immediately, it’s clear who’s in charge. Laura wraps her legs around Ultima, kissing her possessively as the robe drops to the floor to expose her naked body, then strokes and massages her ass. Laura carries Ultima to the bed, dumping her onto it, spreads her legs and crawls on top. The two girls make out, then Laura moves down to lick her girlfriend’s moist pussy, playfully spanking her ass. Ultima reaches a hand around to caress Laura’s pussy through her panties, sneaking her fingers inside, but as her snatch gets wetter, sucking and slurping around Laura’s fingers, she submits to receiving pleasure. The girls shift position, with Ultima getting on all fours to take a licking from the rear. Then Laura puts a collar and chain leash on her, and leads her over to the couch, Ultima crawling on all fours, urged along with gentle taps from a red riding crop. Ultima kneels on the couch, bent over the back of it, and takes whatever Laura dishes out – kissing, hair-pulling and playful punishment with the crop that leaves pink welts on her ass. And she’s clearly loving it, juicing up even more as the crop is played along her slit and ass crack. Next, as Ultima sits on the couch, Laura stands, straddling her, as her turquoise panties are slipped down and off. Then she sinks down to kiss and grind against Ultima, before leading her back to the bed. Now the action reaches a climax, as Laura frigs Ultima deep and hard, licking her clit to take her over the edge. Ultima cums, screaming, then tastes her own cream from her girlfriend’s fingers. Once she comes back down to earth, the two head into the bathroom to enjoy a shower together…




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Laura A & Ultima A




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