Laima R – Scarecrow II 2

Following an animated (and slightly cuckoo) opening, things get even more bizarre. Laima – a pretty brunette with braids, glasses, a shaved snatch and a cute clit-hood piercing – is naked and sweaty in the bedroom of a run-down old farmhouse. It’s pouring with rain outside but she has company – the scarecrow she’s brought in from the field. Restless and horny, she starts kissing him as her hands wander to her pussy, then she straddles him, his sack-cloth shirt rough against her nipples as she rubs her tits against him. She grabs her scissors and snips a hole in his pants, and we see he’s anatomically correct, as a quivering dildo-cock springs out. Laima sheaths it in a condom, and gives him a greedy, saliva-soaked blowjob, jerking, sucking and licking his entire length. Her spit-wet fingers sink deep in her pussy but it’s not enough. Soon she’s riding the scarecrow, reverse cowgirl, leaning back, gripping the metal bedstead as she bucks and grinds on the dildo. She cums, and as the aftershocks send a tremble through her splayed thighs, she tears off the condom… and we see his cock is spurting cum. He’s all man. In a frenzy, Laima smears his spunk over her pussy, rubbing herself to another even more shattering orgasm.




[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Laima R



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