Lady Bug – Knot 2

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The Life Erotic – Lady Bug

Hot Czech blonde Lady Bug is cute, petite – and so very kinky. We find her looking adorable in denim bib shorts over a little pink tank as she ties up a package with string. As she winds it around her fingers, the sensation sparks a fetish fantasy involving Shibari – Japanese-style rope bondage… In Lady Bug’s imagination, her bondage-freak self is dressed in leather, but not for long. Solo, she strips to expose small, perfect breasts, a firm, round butt and a shaved pussy with a tiny landing strip. She binds one wrist to her biceps with rope, so she is unable to straighten her arm. Then she rolls on the rug naked, playing with more ropes. She gets an obvious thrill from untying her arm and flaunts the pressure marks left by the tight coils. Next, she experiments with a calf-to-thigh bond that bends her leg double at the knee and splays her wide open. Her waist is encircled by the rope and she uses the other end to tie her hair in a ponytail. Even the slightest move as she squirms emphasizes her sense of restriction, rubs roughly against her smooth, soft skin, and yanks on her hair. In a frenzy of pleasure, she folds another rope into a whip, uses it to spank her pussy, then grabs each end and saws it along her slit. She strokes her clit with neon-manicured fingers, then grinds a knotted end of rope against it, building up friction. Ecstatic, she sinks a couple fingers in her pussy, contorting her slender body as she whimpers, close to orgasm. At last, squirming, rolling and biting on the rope, she cums, then relaxes with a satisfied expression on her pretty face. As she relaxes, enjoying the afterglow, she wraps even more rope around her body, loosely this time, so she can enjoy feeling caressed rather than bound. Emerging from her reverie in the real world, Lady Bug tries to focus on wrapping the package – but as the string slides between her fingers, she can’t stop smiling to herself…

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