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Kiara Lord – Dur Un 2

Hungarian honey Kiara Lord – a sizzling-hot and petite blue-eyed blonde – is sitting on a bed in bright-red lingerie and wide-mesh fishnet pantyhose. She caresses her own body through her clothing with long, elaborately manicured nails, a blissful expression on her face. She removes her hose and pulls her panty-crotch sideways, then rubs her slit with spit-wet fingers. Following this introduction, we see Kiara playing with a metal butt-plug attached to a large, fluffy fox tail. She sucks on the plug, then uses it to tease her pussy, moaning all the while, eventually slipping it inside. She removes her panties and stirs the plug around, fingering her slit, then pulls it out and inserts it in her asshole, pumping it in and out a couple times. She continues to frig her pussy, gripping and stroking the tail as the plug in her ass intensifies every sensation. She removes the plug and sets it aside, then takes off her bra to bare beautiful, medium-size breasts. Lying on her side, she probes her asshole with her fingers, then she kneels on the bed, butt angled out, so she can slide them in even deeper. As her pleasure builds her moans get louder until, at last, she cums hard. She lies on the bed, a cute, satisfied smile on her face, hands gently stroking her curves… Keep watching right to the end for a hot bonus.



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Kiara Lord



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