Keoki Star & Sia Siberia – Blue & Pink Anal Teens – E61

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Sweety X – Keoki Star & Sia Siberia

Then she made her try a buttplug in her virgin asshole. But that was not enough. Keoki wants to show Sia’s beautiful ass with a buttplug in it to her roommate – maybe that will make him spend some time with the girls! Exposing Sia’s sexy butt in front of the working guy had some “unexpected” results: he wetted his pants! Sia was found guilty and confessed in this crime! Keoki made her suck her roommate’s cock, who was sitting blindfolded! So, do you realize where this all going to? Both girls will get fucked! While Keoki prefers anal only, Sia’s pussy has to be warmed up first.. So, her ass gets its share of pleasures only after her young bold pussy is satisfied! It ends up with an amazing anal full nelson with reversed eyes for the most innocent of these naughty girls.

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