Kate Kennedy – Cumslut Cupcake

Mano Job – Kate Kennedy

Kate Kennedy is a licensed massage therapist whose clientele are all men. Kate loves using her hands and her natural energy to calm a man down, especially with all the challenges men face these days: demanding jobs and wives; long work hours; shitty bosses…or being the boss and dealing with shitty employees. What you’re about to find out about Kate is she’s an enormous “cum slut”. Honestly, that’s one of the reasons Kate is an LMT. Kate loves to use her hands to work for a cum load, and since she’s so submissive, she’ll kneel at her client’s feet and finish him off…all over her lovely face! The bigger the load the better for pretty Kate Kennedy! It means she’s earner her real reward…both the jizzed-up face and her client is now stress free!!





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