Gia Derza – I Love Cheating Part 1

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Mano Job – Gia Derza

Gia Derza is a cheater, and she loves it. Just listen to her story. As she’s sitting at the apartment of another “rando” (random hook-up), you’ll hear it all: from the moment she first became a cheater, to some of her cheating stories, to the reasons why Gia thinks she loves it so. Which is about the time her boyfriend calls. Sure, she’ll answer his call…and then lie her ass off. Just listen to the lies! But what do you care? You’re getting jerked off! And you know there will be more the next time Gia swings by. So sit back and listen to this crazy bitch ramble, cause in a few minutes you’ll turn her into a cum dumpster! And Gia — bless her heart — will enjoy every minute!

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