Febby Twigs – Freaky Yogi

Mano Job – Febby Twigs

Febby Twigs is a hippy, but not one of those dirty ones. Well…she’s dirty, but not in a hippy way. A much better word is naughty, because if there’s anything Febby loves more than yoga it’s sex. But let’s talk yoga first. Febby practices cause it makes her feel good. She practices in the nude cause it makes her feel great. Once she’s naked, no matter where Febby’s at, it doesn’t take long for her fingers to start touching her hot pink cunt, which is almost always wet. What’s Febby think about when she’s working her swollen clit? Working for loads. That’s right. Hand jobs. It’s her fetish. She loves working for a load…until her arm gets tired. And then she points the dick at her face and splatters herself in man milk. That’s what gets her off!





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