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Eva Berger & Lovenia Lux – Picturesque

Red haired honey Eva Berger gets lost hiking in the countryside, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s steamy “Instant Attraction” begins. When she asks Lovenia Lux for directions, the cute brunette farm girl takes advantage of the situation by kissing Eva passionately. Eva responds eagerly, letting Lovenia push her against a tree and tug her shirt down to reveal her beautiful breasts. Lovenia sucks Eva’s nipples and slides a hand into her tight cut-offs, then pulls them down over her curvy ass and kneels to eat her shaved pussy. She slides her tongue up and down Eva’s wet slit, lapping at her clit, making the horny redhead gasp and smile with pleasure. Thrusting two fingers deep inside her sodden pussy, she tips Eva over the edge into a wild, noisy orgasm, her voluptuous body bucking uncontrollably against the rough bark of the tree. Lovenia leads Eva to a more private area of the yard, and the fiery redhead sucks on her small, perky breasts and pulls her panties aside to lick her shaved pussy skillfully. Lovenia straddles Eva’s lap in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl, riding her probing fingers to an explosive climax. Finally Eva goes on her way, happy they both acted on their “Instant Attraction.”



[MetArt] Viv Thomas – Eva Berger & Lovenia Lux



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