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Blow Bang Girls – Emori Pleezer

This is not Emori Pleezer’s first time doing BlowBang Girls, however, the BlowBang Guys cannot get enough of this woman! They absolutely love her, and the guys line up to get a chance to receive a blowjob from Emori. Emori is truly one of the most energetic cock suckers we have ever had, and it is literally impossible to give it to her too hard. She loves it hard and she loves it deep! Emori craves the cum and she loves every minute it. Having all these men worship her mouth, tits and ass turns her on and it shows. The BlowBang Guys get massively turned on by Emori’s skills and she received 8 cumshots in 20 minutes. It was fantastic watching everyone enjoy themselves. At one-point Emori is getting her pussy fingered and she is orgasming with dick in her mouth! And talk about facials, Emori’s face gets completely drenched in cum. By the end of the shoot her eyes and face are just covered! 8 Facials and slow-motion cumshots replays included!





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