Emily J – The Hut In The Forest 2

This typically twisted treat from maverick moviemaker Paul Black sees sexy Emily J taking an intimate bath. In a strange lamplit hut in a forest, the big-breasted brunette is sitting, half-naked, on a wooden bench by a metal tub. She’s using a rustic faucet rigged from a barrel and a branch – which we get to see in suggestive close-up as water streams out the end of it. After washing her long hair, Emily, splay-legged, shampoos the trimmed bush on her mound and sponges her shaved slit, her snatch framed by tattered hose and a hiked-up dress which she soaks in the process. Next, she soaps her tits, before rinsing off the foam with water from an elegant glass bottle, pouring it over her face too. Her burgundy-tipped fingers part her pussy lips as she lets the stream of water from the faucet splash over her clit. As she pours water from the bottle into her mouth and lets it run down her chin and onto her body, her fingers work frantically in her crotch. Briefly, she rubs the bottle against herself then, as the trickle from the faucet dwindles to nothing, she continues to masturbate. Soon, her fingers are a blur as she frigs and spanks her pussy into a frenzy, her body squirming and bucking so wildly that she literally sets bells ringing. Jars and a cup fall from the bench as it rocks, and her feet kick against the tub and churn up the water. Even as she cums, Emily grasps at her pussy and tugs on the hose, prolonging her ecstasy. Then she continues to tease herself more gently as her climax fades away and the screen turns to black.



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Emily J



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