Elouisa – Meow 2

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Elouisa – Meow 2

This kinky erotic fantasy opens with Elouisa – slim and beautiful, with long black hair and dark brown eyes – on a couch. She’s totally naked, aside from a collar, leather cat ears, and a fluffy tail attached to a butt plug. She stretches and rolls around like a cat, clawing at the upholstery and sensually stroking and licking her body. She grabs and swats at a cat toy, before lying back to be tickled into bliss with the feathery end of it. Next, she crawls across the kitchen floor to lap milk from a bowl. After washing her “paws”, she strokes herself with the toy, trailing it between her legs and over her shaved pussy. Sitting splay-legged, with her feet up on the couch, she begins to masturbate, circling her manicured fingertips over her slit and clit – the tail pokes out her ass just below her snatch. Eyes closed in ecstasy, she breathes in sighs and gasps. She tastes her juices off of her fingers then continues to play with herself. Switching position to crouch on all fours, she brings the tail up over her back and reaches between her thighs. Like any pussycat, she won’t be rushed – she fingers herself slowly, pumping just the tip of her middle finger in and out her moist hole. This, however, is enough to get her moaning with pleasure. Another graceful movement and she’s sitting down again, with one long, elegant leg in the air. Her moans become louder and more urgent as her pleasure builds, slowly but surely – then, at last, she cums, whimpering in release. As she lies back, she strokes her body, from her breasts down to her toes, and finishes by licking her paws clean before padding out of the picture on all fours.



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Elouisa



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