Destiny Love – Slutty step-sister shows of for step-brother before date

Taboo POV – Destiny Love

Hey so I have a question for you. My mom says I look too slutty to go out on a date and obviously my dad is going to say the same thing… but you, you are only my step-brother so you should have no problem telling me how good I look. So what do you think? Do you like it? I mean I have seen the girls you come home with. I know you get some pretty hot chicks. I mean I kinda thought of you when I picked this little skirt out. And to tell you the truth, I am just a little too excited to wait for my date. And I would like to kind of test this outfit out on you.. What do you think? Wanna enjoy a little moment with me? You can even just sit back and let me do all the work for you. How does that sound?  I crawl between your legs rubbing the front of your jeans longingly. We aren’t even related so it really isn’t even that big of a deal. I begin to undo your pants revealing your swollen cock. Oh my gosh, it’s actually even juicier than I thought it would be. You know since our parents are out, I can take all the time I want on this. I continue to stroke your cock up and down feeling it grow in my hands. I just want to take my time, I’ve wanted this for a long time. I stroke your cock with nice long strokes as I play with your balls in my other hand. You know I have actually had quite a few fantasies about this… stroking your cock. I still have them. I guess I am pretty slutty huh? I mean I am just saying that if you want me to do this for you again, I’d be down anytime. You just have the most beautiful cock. I almost wanna skip this date and stay here with you. I sit up and begin teasing you with my top, slowly pulling it up over my head. I rub my hands all over my bare breasts before crawling back down between your legs. I hope my date has a cock as nice as yours. Giggling I continue to gently squeeze your big fat dick with both my hands. I feel how hard you are for me. I think I should take this skirt off, I think it’s really just in the way. I stand up showing off my tight little body and slowly slide my hands inside my skirt and panties sliding them down my long slender legs. Who knew your little sister could be so slutty right? I stroke your cock faster and faster. Oh it’s so good! I crawl on top of your lap waving my sweet little pussy over your cock. You like that don’t you. I jerk your cock straight up towards my pussy. Can you feel how hot I am for you? I turn around and press my ass against your cock stroking it faster and faster. I love being your little slut. I love feeling your cum getting closer and closer. You ready to cum for me? I point your cock straight at my tits. I want you to cum all over my pretty tits. I jerk your cock as fast as I can with both hands until you explode all over my chest! I love this perfect cock!

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