Cristal Caitlin & Silvia Dellai – Engaged

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Cristal Caitlin & Silvia Dellai – Engaged

Dressed in sexy lingerie, stunning Silvia Dellai watches her hot blonde lover Cristal Caitlin idly stroke her pussy while she sleeps, as episode four of Alis Locanta’s erotic fantasy “Lost In A Dream: Reloaded” begins. In Cristal’s dream, she is taking a shower, watched by her maid, Silvia. Cristal beckons the gorgeous brunette over to oil up her body, but when Silvia’s hand makes contact with her super sensitive pussy, Cristal pushes her away disapprovingly. Not for long though, and when Silvia’s hand slips between the horny blonde’s ass cheeks and brushes her pussy, dominant Cristal grabs her and tears off her maid uniform, revealing the sexy lingerie she’s wearing beneath it. Drenched and aroused, Silvia lets Cristal fondle and spank her ass, then kneels to eat her pussy until she shudders with pleasure. They grind together, Silvia’s fingers strumming Cristal’s clit as the blonde’s thigh rubs against her pussy. Cristal is first to orgasm, and sinks to the floor to eat Silvia’s soaked, shaved slit voraciously. When she adds her probing fingers, Silvia goes wild, overcome by a powerful climax. Back to reality and Cristal, still rubbing the fleshy folds of her pussy, shivers ecstatically as the dream makes her orgasm, much to Silvia’s evident delight.



[MetArt] Viv Thomas – Cristal Caitlin & Silvia Dellai



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