Chela & Serena – A Touch Me 2

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Chela & Serena – A Touch Me 2

Starring Chela and Serena A, this movie explores the sweeter side of kink. Submissive Chela – naked aside from a soft black hood with eye and mouth-holes – is kneeling on a four-poster bed, her wrists cuffed above her head to the canopy. She’s a curvy Hispanic babe with beautiful, medium-sized breasts and a full, natural bush. Dominant Serena, her waist-length blonde hair caught up in a ponytail, is wearing spike heels and a skimpy black teddy with attached stockings and garters. It barely contains her breasts, and frames her bare, rounded ass and unshaved pussy. She retrieves a wicked-looking black leather whip from a drawer and begins to swat Chela’s ass, then uses the shaft to tease her sub’s pussy and body, before kissing her and massaging her tits. Chela responds with enthusiasm and, as the two make out, Serena slides a hand between her girlfriend’s thighs. She then removes Chela’s hood – revealing her pretty face and long, brunette hair – and unlocks the cuffs. Chela, now free to caress her mistress, moves her hands over Serena’s body and sucks on her breasts. Chela lies back on the bed and Serena straddles her thigh, grinding her snatch against it as her fingers pump and probe inside of her sub’s slurping-wet pussy. Chela writhes on the bed and returns the favor, her hand wedged between their bodies to tease Serena’s twat as she humps against her. The two moan, their breath coming in gasps as their mutual pleasure builds. Soon, however, the focus is on Chela – she slips her juice-slick fingers into Serena’s mouth and the blonde rolls her over, then kisses and nuzzles her quivering ass before frigging her hard and fast until she cums. As Chela rolls onto her back once again, the two embrace tenderly in the afterglow of her orgasm…



[MetArt] The Life Erotic – Chela & Serena



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