Casey Calvert & Kristen Scott – The Case Of The Snitchs Snatch

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Girls Way – Casey Calvert & Kristen Scott

When an insurance company starts to get suspicious of fraud after a string of car thefts, they hire Detective Casey Calvert to help close the case. Casey’s been giving it her all but getting nothing in return, so she resorts to a backup plan: asking her informant, Kristen Scott, for help. Although Kristen’s been an informant for years, they’ve never met face-to-face… until today.After getting on a call with Kristen, Casey’s told to go to a shady warehouse. Once there, she’s surprised to meet Kristen for the very first time. Despite marveling over how hot Kristen is in person, Casey is suspicious about why Kristen’s revealing herself now. As they sit down and talk, Casey learns that her informant is deep in the thick of it but unwilling to tell her everything she knows… without a little something in return.

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