Bunny Colby – Bunny Colby Fucks Her Step Bro Part 2

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Sweet Femdom – Bunny Colby

Bunny’s father returned home to find her fucking her step-brother in the ass. He tells her to do the right thing and let him fuck her pussy too. She begrudgingly agrees. As soon as her dad leaves. She grabs Dante (her step-brother) by his hard cock and tells him that if he’s getting her pussy, she’s getting ALL of his cum. Meaning, it’s not over when he cums once. She’s just going to keep draining him. She rides his cock and quickly gets him to the edge of orgasm, then gets off his dick and takes his load in her mouth. She lets his cum spill out of her mouth on her perfect big tits, then immediately gets back on his cock and puts it back in her wet pussy. Dante can’t believe she’s still got him hard and he cums again. Bunny reminds him that she just fucked his ass and wrecked his prostate. “You must just love taking dick in your ass…” She does the same thing again, taking his cum in her mouth. “You know, the third time might start to hurt…” she tells him with an evil glare. Bunny rides his cock again until he fills her pussy with cum, then she straddles his face and makes him lick her to orgasm with his own cum dripping out of her pussy. Her father returns to catch her riding his face.





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