Apolonia Lapiedra – Wake Up Sex with Apolonia Lapiedra

Date Slam – Apolonia Lapiedra

Hi guys, I had a fantastic Date Slam start to my day this morning. I guess wake up sex with Apolonia Lapiedra will do that for you! I wonder – are all Spanish girls this horny in the morning?! Hehe watch as I first used her panties to jerk off while watching her. She looked so peaceful sleeping, little did she know I would soon be giving her my “Good morning Apolonia” surprise 😉 This girl was so amazing, check out that pussy in the morning – all red and luscious,dripping wet and ready for a “good morning creampie”. Dammit guys she almost killed me with her sexual appetite. Isn’t it amazing to think that I just picked up this horny slut in the park yesterday morning!





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