Anastasia Rose – Slutty step-sister thinks step-bro takes to long to cum

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Taboo POV – Anastasia Rose

Yo, bro… what gives? What is going on, I can’t even hear my T.V. show. Oh don’t try to hide it, I can see your boner under those shorts. It’s fucking huge! It looks like a giant hotdog or sausage or something… Oh relax, it’s not like I’m your real sister, you’re my stepbrother, I can grab it all I want. I mean it doesn’t really seem like you even know what to do with it, you take so long. Oh right, you don’t even have a girlfriend, I know that’s part of it. Can’t you just do it faster, you are ruining my show. Well, what am I supposed to do about it? Help you? You want me to help you? Hmmm… I guess I would like to enjoy my show for once. Alright, I guess I can give you some… inspiration.

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