Adelina White – Pause 2

Description: When we meet the always-outrageous Adeline White today, she has paused for a break during a hike in the great outdoors. Not a gal to waste any time, the stunning silver blonde unzips her leather jacket, revealing that she is naked aside from fishnet stockings, a black-lace garter belt and lace-up black leather boots with medium-high, heavy heels. She has stopped at the foot of a huge bridge, which adds a cool, heavy-industrial twist to the peaceful location. Adeline sprawls back, splay-legged, on the structure and begins to play with her shaved, wet pussy, purring and moaning as she turns herself on. Next she squats, probing deeper with two fingers, and as she starts to cum she squirts, soaking the concrete block beneath her. She continues to frig herself, although her powerful spasms alone are enough to send more fluid jetting out. Even after her first orgasm dies away she isn’t finished, using spit-wet fingers to tease out every last drop of pleasure before she re-zips her jacket and continues on her way.




[MetArt] TheLifeErotic – Adelina White



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