Adelina White – On Set 2

Bad gal Adelina White is bringing all kinds of kink to a modeling shoot. The blue-eyed platinum blonde is dressed (well, almost…) in black stockings, with thin black strands of fabric crisscrossing her body from her thighs to her neck, and strips of black tape stuck on her mouth, nipples and shaved pussy. Blasted by a powerful fan, she poses for the camera, her long hair whipping in the breeze. Aroused, she begins to masturbate, stroking, slapping and kneading her firm, medium-sized tits, then tearing the tape from her crotch so her fingers can get to work inside of her. She sinks to the floor, splaying her slender legs to allow both hands access. She switches off the fan and we hear her moan, muffled by the tape-gag, as the camera homes in on her juicing pussy, deep pink against her pale skin. Then, after peeling the tape from her mouth, she grabs a large screwdriver and begins to suck on the handle like she’s giving head. Next, she pushes it, spit-wet, into her snatch, gripping the metal shaft of the tool as she pumps the fat handle in and out. She pauses to suck on it, ecstatic as she tastes herself, then resumes using it as a dildo, her pussy oozing cream. Lying back, she raises her legs in the air, her moans getting louder and more urgent as she fucks herself to orgasm, frigging her clit with her fingers and then the textured handle of the screwdriver. After one final suck on it, fingers probing her tender pussy, she leaves the set.


[MetArt] TheLifeErotic – Adelina White



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